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Singing Options & Pricing

Vocal Coaching
($25 per 30 minute or $50 per 1 hour lesson)
Casual booked appointments. Learn to sing at your own pace/schedule (short or long term) or work on specific
goals, like songwork for a show, technique touch-ups etc.
All singing levels welcome.

Specialised Vocal Coaching
($25 per 30 minute or $50 per 1 hour lesson)
Intensive sessions working on overcoming a variety of
vocal problems such as pitch control, anxiety,
breathing, articulation, register breaks, balancing &
tone weakness, no power, etc. All singing levels welcome.

Monthly Singing Lessons
($80 per month - 30 minute lessons taken once per week)
ALL INCLUSIVE - Reduced rates exclusively for students committed to regular practice studying singing to a high standard. Can be taken to advanced/professional level.
Set program. Ages 9 & up. (Pre-assessment required).

Absolute Beginner Singing Course
($200 - 4x1 hour sessions taken over 4 weeks)
Designed to show that if you can talk you can learn to sing!
An introduction to learning to sing contemporary vocals.
Great if you're shy! No singing required on the course.
Lots of valuable info!!

Vocal Assessment
($50 - 1 hour session - song preparation required)
Full vocal assessment, including analysing voice type
(fach), range (tessitura), estimated vocal level, vocal strengths/weaknesses or problems and advice or recommendations on how to correct them.

Skype Lessons
(From $25 per lesson)
If you are unable to attend lessons, then this is the next
best option! Both short or long term options available,
vocal or specialised coaching.

Group Lessons
By arrangement.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What to expect from singing lessons?

Taking singing lessons (with me) will teach you HOW to use your voice to the best of its ability (or to the level you choose). It is a skill you will be learning and just like learning any instrument, it improves the more you use it.

It is about learning how your voice works and how to use it so that you can express yourself in the way you want to (for contemporary singing), without being limited by vocal difficulties (such as pitch control or register breaks, etc.). This means you would need to spend time getting to know your voice, developing the areas of your voice you don’t normally use (as it impacts the areas you do use), learning to strengthen the entire voice, build up stamina and flexibility, breathing properly and balancing out your tone, etc.

To do that successfully and efficiently you will need to do vocal exercises. Vocal exercises consist of various techniques from scales to lip trills to making funny sounds with your voice, etc. My lessons involve both exercises and singing, with practice for you to do at home. If you just want to learn to sing around the campfire, the intensity level, type of exercise and amount of practice you do each week may be less than if you want to be a belting superstar like Celine Dion, for example. But, that choice is yours, everyone is CAPABLE of reaching an advanced level if they put in the effort.

Although anyone CAN learn to sing, not everyone WILL. To take your voice to a higher level you have to put in the work and be willing to practice (vocal exercises) regularly every week to see real improvement. Similar to exercise, if you go to the gym but don’t do the work, you won’t see any improvement...

Practice is necessary to learn any skill WELL. How good you want to be depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into your craft. That is why it is usually those with passion who persevere. Without a real love for singing, you will find it difficult to “do the work”.

That said, if you do LOVE singing, you will LOVE learning about your voice, nurturing it, finding out what it can do, seeing the differences the exercises make and applying it to your singing. Every new thing you learn will be like a light that goes on, moments of eureka! If you love singing, you will WANT to learn and discover and learning for you will be fun, whereas it would be “work” to someone who doesn’t love singing.

So go out there and get your dream, it is within your reach!